Adam Hammes

115 Rosenberger Avenue
Oskaloosa, IA 52577

July 16, 2021

Dear Hiring Manager,

It is with genuine enthusiasm that I submit my application for the position of frontend software engineer at the Center for Translational Data Science. With close to four years of professional frontend experience, I know that my diverse skill set will make me an asset to the team.

I believe that web fundamentals - HTML, CSS, and Javascript - are essential to being a productive frontend developer. Understanding how frameworks work under the hood is key to using them correctly, and I can not count the number of times two lines of CSS has saved me thirty lines of Javascript. At the same time, I am quick to learn new tools as they present themselves. I was an early adopter of Typescript and an evangelist of "strict" mode. I have enjoyed learning new SPA frameworks such as React and Vue.

In my time at Nventive, I worked on a variety of project types. I broke ground on new projects, setting up CI/CD, established early file structure, and determined coding standards. I worked on long-term projects with a focus on providing support and maintenance. I am comfortable wearing many different hats in a team and am confident that I will be a productive member at the Center for Translational Data Science no matter my role.

Lastly, every good frontend developer should have an understanding of the entire stack. When I encounter a bug in the backend, I do not hesitate to crack open my IDE and see what is going on. From fixing slow SQL queries to adding a needed endpoint, I consider everything to be in my wheelhouse.

I am excited for the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Chicago. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Adam Hammes